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Showtime v Captain Shum | Full Game Highlights | Feb 13, 2024
Check out this game winner!

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Goose Pub vs Playground Legends | Full Game Highlights | February 7, 2024
We head over to Bellevue, Washington to check out defending champion, Goose Pub, in the first game of their season. Goose Pub, returning all 5 of their starters looks to be the heavy favorite to repeat this season. But Playground Legends has something to say about that.... see more
Epic showdown! Captain Shum, 2 and 0 versus Hoops Galore, 2 and 0. (Feb 6 2024)
Back and forth early but Captain Shum gets out in front midway through the first half behind the ball movement and defense that has been their hallmark. They push the lead to as many as 11 with that textbook team work. Hanley Shum with the layup off the rotation here.... see more
SEABA league to operate like NBA (FULL PRESS CONFERENCE)
SEABA to have Draft Ceremony every season. Players can demand trades; GMs can trade players, waive players, deactivate players. Keep your team together, blow your team up, or add a pivotal piece in the draft. Media to cover all league transactions.
SEABA is combining hoops with media coverage that can only be compared to that of the NBA. Analysis shows, interviews, highlights, stats, rankings, awards and more!
Catering for the Player's Lounge (@_chefmike206 IG)
Everybody must understand how incredible it will be to have this man cater our events. He is absolutely brilliant when it comes to food.

And if you have any catering needs of your own, be sure to message HIM first! @_chefmike206 (IG)... see more
This is what happens when you try to instigate smoke with a veteran coach
Coach Doc: "Come on out, it should be fun"

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Is Free Agent SG Colton Rinzler the SEABA-Austin-Reeves?!
The hype surrounding this man is palpable! Could we have the SEABA Austin Reeves on our hands?!... see more
Free agent SG Colton Rinzler talks career and who he most resembles on the court (FULL INTERVIEW)
Great interview with new free agent SG Colton Rinzler, talked about his organized ball career, explained free agency and a little about the NBA experience that SEABA is providing.

Player Description:
Free agent SG Colton Rinzler played D2 basketball at Corey State. Says his game closely resembles Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, for all the old-heads out there. :) Good shooter, moves well without the ball.... see more
Special Announcement
DM @seabahoops for full details regarding future pricing for all teams and players who sign up for the inaugural season.
SEABA Commish explains free agency

Free agents go to and register to play in a season by clicking 'League Registration' in the menu bar. Then click 'Single Player Registration' link. Register yourself.  ... see more
Free agent C Ken Pressey says no one can score on him
FREE AGENT: Ken Pressey

[Scouting Report]
Skill Level: D1

Large body, good defender, can clog up the middle. Finds the open man from the post often. Prides himself on the defensive end. Not Steph Curry but can score with the best of them down low.

... see more

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