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#1 UNIVERSE 7 vs #3 KENT ELITE | FULL 1ST HALF | April 21, 2024 | D1 (All-Star) Season 1
The game of the week lived up to its billing. Number one universe seven taking on number three Kent elite.

Can’t elite playing the second half of a doubleheader seemed overmatched in the first half

the defense from all five positions on the courts seeming suffocating at times.

Universe seven Forced X turnovers in the first half. The pressure causes a turnover and Trey Burch Manning, I'll take it from here.

Universe 7 takes an early 16 to 5 lead. Long outlet here and uhh, ok gr gr uhh. Universe 7 up big and Kent Elite needs a time to think.

On the defensive end, Universe 7 is tough as breakfast restaurant steak. #1 by a long shot in ppg allowed this season at a staggering 49.0. #1 in steals per game. Jeff Harris had 4 steals by himself in just the first half alone. they force you into tough shots with pressure and then boom! hold up, boom!

It's 35-18 after this bucket and Vick Toor checks back in after missing most of the first half with an apparent lower leg injury.

Immediately following his reentry to the game. Everything flows through Vick for Kent Elite. The defense has to respect his ability to beat you at all 3 phases of the game. over help, 3 please [musically] by Gabe Jordan. and he can always get his own bucket.

but universe 7 keeps the pressure. 2 teammates fighting over a steal here is crazy.

Universe seven kept the pressure on in the second half, causing X more turnovers. Can’t elite had 17 turnovers in the game by far the most they’ve had all season.

Kent Elite applied their own brand of terror in the second half Vick Toor ended the game with 8 steals.

Harvi Singh came in late in the second half and had 7 HUGE points for Kent Elite

But the 3rd ranked player would not be denied. Vick had 19 of his game high 29 in the second half.

Down 1 Vick with a huge 3 with a minute left on the clock.

And then a couple free throws next possession to go up 2. Cool as the other side of the pillow.

And it comes down to the final play, of the game, Universe 7 calls a timeout to advance, and they've got a great design on the out of bounds. Great design. The ball goes in to Curtis and all attention on him, he's got Trey on the dive and we're going into ov' ohhhhhh!!!! heartbreaking.

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Miguel Puk of Layup Line is the new all-time leader in total 3s!
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